Parents and teachers can tame their fears about video game impacts on kids. The experts say kids are learning -a lot - from video games, even though it may not look like learning to you or me. This DVD reassures while also offering you ways to stay in tune and in touch with your kids or your students and their interests in video games.

-Vicki Simmons, M.A.

As a parent of 2 young children who does not have any form of media in the house other than computer, this video has challenged my perceived ideas on video games. The information this video provides is well researched giving me insight into what is an important part of how our children learn. The reality is the gaming world is an integral part of what kids want to do and now I have some knowledge on what to do with this time to enhance my children's literacy and learning.

-Shauna, Nurse

A compelling look at the benefits of video games - for children and for the adults who care for them and teach them. This program shows us how video games help children challenge themselves to think, learn, strategize, problem solve, and navigate technology while inspiring parents, and teachers, to join in. A great resource for parent or teacher education.

-Alison Gear, Early Learning Coordinator, School District No. 50 Haida Gwaii

I would encourage parents, educators and caregivers to listen to the educators and researchers on this DVD. As for me, I'm going to learn how to play some of their games now and reap the benefits of spending some of "their" interests with them.

-Michelle Lowe, Lab Technician

"The Literacy of Video Games" has been a pleasure to view, very interesting and thought provoking. I learned so much and at the same time I came away feeling good about how we have embraced and approached this very real phenomenom.

-Michelle Lowe, Lab Technician