What is Read-TV?

Read TV DVD Cover
Read-TV is an innovative video series that helps your child learn to read. Purchase from us directly or through Amazon.com

Innovative and Fun

The six stories in Read-TV are captioned. Study after study have shown that captioning helps children learn to read. Read-TV’s captioning is large, colourful and context-sensitive. The word run, runs beside Big Dog. The word stripes is filled with stripes. Reading-clues are everywhere!

For Beginning and New Readers

Big Dog on a swingFor the beginning and new reader, Read-TV helps children understand that those squiggles on the screen are words and that those words carry meaning. The more developed reader will learn some words by sight, will have reading modeled for them and may even learn to read along with the stories.

Other Benefits

Read-TV is used in a variety of organizations to support children learning english as a second language. Also, we’ve received letters from parents of autistic (ASD) children to tell us of the success of Read-TV in reaching their autistic child with literacy material.
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