Cat with green eyesRead-TV uses innovative captions to support children’s emerging literacy.

  • Captions help children with word identification, meaning, acquisition and retention.
  • Read-TV’s large and colourful captions are attractive and easy for children to see.
  • Read-TV’s captions can help children establish a systematic link between the written word and the spoken word.
  • Pre-readers, by becoming familiar with captions, will have familiar signposts when they begin reading print based material.
  • Read-TV’s captioning is often modified by colour, size, placement or animation to provide valuable context clues. This helps children comprehend the meaning of the text.
  • Read-TV can be useful to children learning English as a second language or hard-of hearing children.

Girl with paint brushes

Read-TV is made for children!

  • Read-TV uses simplified sentence structure and emphasis and key words.
  • Read-TV gives young readers a story-teller and text in a medium children feel motivated using (although, for your child, you are still the best story-teller in the world. Reading books should take precedent over television).
  • Read-TV has no merchandising tie-in’s.
  • You won’t find Read-TV slippers or Read-TV macaroni and cheese. It’s also product-placement free and, of course, commercial-free.
  • “Now it’s Your Turn” gives your child room to tell the story, practice new words and generally, gives them the space to interact with the stories while providing repetition. Words, colours and numbers are introduced within the context of simple child-centered stories.
  • The Young Writers and Readers segments give children reading and writing role models at a variety of skill levels.
  • All Read-TV stories are child-centered keeping with preschoolers love of the familiar.