Leah Tremain photo“My child and I were fascinated by the live-action sequences of Teletubbies - where we are invited into a child’s world. I loved how the children did seemingly simple things like play in the rain or chase a ball on the beach and my child was riveted. I wanted to produce something similar, something with a documentary-feel, that was child-centered and that took place in natural settings. Something slightly informal with a sense of play.

This idea of a live-action, child-centered show was what I took with me as I began looking at the research on children’s television. In the course of my research I kept coming across articles about the benefits of television captioning for children’s literacy. I love words and I love writing so there was no question, this was something I had to try.

Read-TV developed because of my love of documentary and my love of words. Most importantly I was inspired by the children that I worked with (and the pets too). I didn’t work with a script I worked with the children’s love of what they were doing. The action unfolded from their hearts.”

—Leah Tremain, M.Ed.,
Read-TV Writer /  Director