The clips are short, the kids are cute and the information is great - it's perfect for today's parents.

-Instructor, Junior-Kindergarten Parent Workshops

Including "I Love When You Read" in the Books for Babies bag is a natural next step for us in the fostering and support of our Province's literacy.

-Rhian Piprell, Chair, Books for BC Babies

As part of our Parents as Literacy Support (PALS) program we showed "I Love When We Count" to the parents. They loved it and wanted to take it home - so we bought more DVD's at Gift of Literacy prices and gave a copy to each of them. It's the type of gift that will get well-used and passed on to other parents. We were really happy to have this resource available.

-Monica De, Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy

When families receive I Love When You Read it is not thrown away like so many pieces of paper but it is placed in DVD collections where they can refer to it time-and-time again. This DVD is especially effective at bringing literacy information to parents and caregivers with low-literacy rates.

-Anne Boyd, Literacy Now Coordinator

I Love When We Count is a really nice way to share best practices.

-Fiona Morrison, Family Literacy and Early Learning for 2010 Legacies Program