I Love When We Talk

I Love When We Talk DVD cover literacy DVD

Talk and listen to your child early and often - because the first six years are so important

Parents and caregivers, learn how best to communicate with your baby, toddler, preschool and early school child to improve their literacy skills.

Talking with children strengthens their communication skills, builds their confidence, and provides a solid basis for literacy and learning. It is also a skill you can easily learn.  I Love When We Talk shows you how to give your child a great start in building strong communication skills.

Give your child the gift of language and help build those fundamental skills that enable them to succeed and thrive throughout their lives.

I Love When We Talk was produced in association with: Greater Nanaimo Early Years Partnership, School District #68, Ladysmith Early Years Partnership, SnuNeyMuxw First Nation Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre, Success By 6, Altrusa International, The Retired Teachers of Ontario, the British Columbia Association of Speech / Language Pathologists and Audiologists, Vancouver IslandNet and Children First.